Free, no-code web3 analytics to convert more sign-ups

Get the critical data you need to understand what to prioritize in your sign up flow.

Track on-site activity and combine it with on-chain data to generate new insights that are unique to your dApp

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Single Sign-on for Web3

Mint an NFT with a sample flow, without any crypto-native UI.
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Create a NFT in minutes

Create an NFT from any image quickly, without any prior crypto experience.

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Copy + paste one line of code and start collecting the data that you're currently ignoring about your dApp

What percentage of users have a crypto wallet?

We can track things like what percent of site visitors have a wallet installed, so you can know that only 15% of site visitors in February even had a software wallet installed on their browser

What's in my users's wallets?

We can enrich your users' wallets at an individual and segment level, so you can know that your top user by transaction volume has an NFT from Cool Cats or 21% of your users have > $1k in stablecoins

Which types of users are most active?

We can identify wallets by cohorts of activity, so you can determine what makes your top users retain, with concrete metrics like 64% of your repeat users took part in the free NFT mint in December

User analytics that’s easy to set up
and easier to make actionable.

Wally Analytics is as easy to install as Google Analytics,
but built with web3 in mind

Easy to set up for your product team

No engineering work needed.
In < 30 seconds, copy + paste a script onto your site.

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Actionable for your marketing team

Capture data around whether users are crypto native, where they're getting stuck, how to onboard them to crypto, etc.

See our Analytics in Action

    <script src="" clientId="WALLY-CLIENT-ID"></script>

    <!-- Your Application -->