Founding Engineer (Senior)

Wally is building seamless onboarding infrastructure for Web3 apps starting with the most elegant embedded crypto wallet experience on the market. We help blockchain-enabled companies serve and acquire more customers so that together we can bridge Web2 and Web3.

We're onboarding the next billion users onto crypto products with our unique approach to signing people up for crypto apps to ensure that people don’t have to store private keys, and they can log into crypto products in a familiar way, such as with their email address, Gmail, or Apple. We believe that the next wave of successful crypto apps will need to appeal to users who aren't familiar with tools like Metamask and aren't comfortable with private key custody. We have the first production version of the product deployed and have onboarded our initial set of pilot customers.

We are looking for a founding engineer to join the team and build out the API and infra, continue to build out new features, recruit and lead new team members, and contribute in countless other ways to help build the business.

About Wally
Wally has raised funding from a series of top-notch early stage funds and angel investors, led by, Engineering Capital (Ashmeet Sidana), and top angels including Justin Kan, Matt Knox (Reddit), Sriram Krishnan, Garrett Lord (Handshake), Hareesh Nagaraj (Audius), Shiva Rajaraman (Head of Product, OpenSea), Lydia Hylton (Bain Capital Crypto), Dan Porter (Overtime), and Meera Clark (Redpoint Ventures).

We’re based in NYC and looking to hire in NYC. We believe that in-person collaboration is strategically important for a company at our stage — both for velocity and company culture.

- 4+ years of experience building and architecting backend APIs
- Experience working with relational databases, especially Postgres
- Experience working with Javascript/Typescript/Nest.js (Node)
- Familiarity with AWS and Terraform

Bonus points
- Entrepreneurial mindset (we encourage employees to be future founders and hope this can be a great stepping stone)
- Familiarity with MPC techniques like Shamir's Secret Sharing, Verifiable Secret Sharing, and/or Threshold Signature Schemes
- Previous experience building crypto or fintech infrastructure related to storing and processing sensitive data
- Previous experience at a high-growth, fast-paced startup

- Base: $140k-190k
- Equity: 1-3%

About the team
Mayank Jain is a former engineer and product manager at Reddit where he worked on the Growth team and impacted nearly every facet of the business, including user growth, subreddit growth, revenue, and safety. Before that he was also the first employee and founding engineer at Viome, where he wrote the initial technical foundations of the consumer facing product, and helped define, manage, and execute the launch of the first version of the service including both digital and physical experiences. He knows exactly what it’s like to come into an early stage startup with a lot of the specifics undefined while building the foundations of a multi-hundred million dollar business.

We have full time team members already working on GTM and engineering and a strong team of contractors from Metamask, Roblox, and CapitalOne that have built out the initial version of the product and will continue on the team after you join.

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