Get Web3’s most elegant (and highest-converting) sign-up flow

Seamless for your customers, easy to implement, built to make crypto assets accessible.

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Single Sign-on for Web3

Mint an NFT with a sample flow, without any crypto-native UI.
Made possible by Wally

Create a NFT in minutes

Create an NFT from any image quickly, without any prior crypto experience.

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A wallet experience that’s easy for your customers and your team

Wally is an umbrella API integrating with the top blockchains. This allows us to abstract away signup pain points and keep your customers safe.

For your customers

Wally feels invisible. In 1 click, your customers can set up an account with an email address that stores their crypto assets.

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For your team

Wally is the most flexible API on the market while also being incredibly secure and MPC enabled. Our docs are clean. And implementation is done in a few lines of code

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Responding to what Web3 founders and developers need

When I entered the crypto space I saw how much friction there was in getting started, and how even tech-savvy people like me had a hard time. I also heard from crypto founders that they wanted to offer more seamless experiences, but didn’t know how. So we started Wally to make it easy and translate my learnings from Reddit over to the crypto space to help grow the apps that were successful. We're laser-focused on growth for our partners and Web3 as a whole.