Onboarding & wallet infrastructure for dApps

We’re building the market’s most elegant signup flow so you can grow faster.

A wallet experience optimized for your customers & your growth.

We are laser-focused on removing Web3 auth challenges that distract your customers as they engage with your app.

Mint with an
email address.

People expect to signup for your app with an email address. Let them.

A layer between crypto infra and your customers.

We abstract away the painful parts of creating a wallet, like chrome extensions, gas fees, seed phrases, and signing

Easy to implement.

Our RESTful API is clean, reliable, and we integrate with the top blockchains


Build for desktop or mobile. We do both so your app can, too

MPC enabled.

Keep your customer's assets secure with the most up-to-date security features

White glove integrations

We work hand in hand with our customers to achieve a sleek look and feel for high conversion

Trusted by your favorite brands:

View Wally in action

Try out our demo flow to mint your very own NFT profile picture for Twitter

Create a NFT in minutes

Create an NFT from any image quickly, without any prior crypto experience.

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We’re building for developers

We offer the most flexible API for wallet creation while still offering top tier security.

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Better features. Now and in the future.

See what’s next and vote for what’s important to you. We're building in public.

Account creation via email address

No signing messages or transactions

Cover gas fees for your users

Build mobile-friendly apps

No chrome extensions needed

Deploy contracts in two clicks

Airdrop NFTs without code

MPC enabled

Signup with a phone number

Your growth is our growth as we bridge Web2 and Web3

The way we see it, we’re in this together. We’ll take care of the wallet so you can stay creative.

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